Why Bitcoin is Crashing & What To Do Now – Winklevoss Most Recent Interview

Why Bitcoin is Crashing & What To Do Now - Winklevoss Most Recent Interview

Why Bitcoin is Crashing & What To Do Now – Winklevoss Most Recent Interview

In this video, we bring you a segment of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast with Gemini co-founders and authors of The Case for $500K Bitcoin, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. They discuss their paper, why Bitcoin is the best hedge against inflation, the debt reckoning, and Wall Street investing in Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Price To $500K? Why Crypto Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity (Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss)

0:00 – Why Bitcoin (BTC) is a once in a lifetime trade for companies and money managers
1:26 – The debt reckoning that is coming in the next 5-10 years & Why BTC is a hedge against inflation
2:46 – Why the money printer still goes BRRR & will continue no matter who is going to lead the United States
04:11 – Why buying Bitcoin today could be like investing in Amazon in the early 2000s & a 45X appreciation is very likely
05:00 – The gold framework & why Bitcoin is gold 2.0
06:03 – What’s so brilliant about crypto and Bitcoin: we don’t need to trust bankers, government officials, or central banks to make decisions behind closed doors
06:53 – Why the US, the UK, and the EU have been relatively well managed as opposed to other places where governments try to control capital

“The question in our mind is not so much does it get to $500K, but how quickly” argues Cameron Winklevoss. In August, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss released “The Case for $500K Bitcoin”, a paper that outlines the value proposition of Bitcoin, why it is a superior store of value and hedge against inflation than either gold, oil, and the US dollar.

As the world is drowning in debt (long before the pandemic outbreak), they predict Bitcoin’s market cap to grow from its current market capitalization (approx. $225 billion) to that of gold (approx. $9 trillion), resulting in the price of a Bitcoin at around $550K.

Read the paper here: https://winklevosscapital.com/the-case-for-500k-bitcoin/

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