Why Bitcoin Will END Monetary Policy As We Know It | Raoul Pal

    In this video, we bring you an excerpt from investor Raoul Pal’s podcast about the recent tidal wave of interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies. There have been many crises encouraging rampant printing by central banks, which lead to destructive consequences. He calls Bitcoin “the cockroach of finance”: it can’t be killed, and it can be the life raft for this transitional period in history.

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    “This Is THE END of Monetary Policy As We Know It…” Why Bitcoin Will Overtake Gold (Raoul Pal)

    0:00 – What the adoption of Digital Currencies by Central Banks means
    2:03 – How monetary and fiscal policy are going to change: the rise
    of behavioral economics and incentive systems
    4:03 – Why Bitcoin will overtake gold as the world’s reserve asset and become the payment system of the digital world
    5:54 – Why Bitcoin is the unkillable cockroach of finance that the IMF, BIS, and governments can’t overcome

    Central Banks Digital Currencies could mark the end of stable coins and the start of a new era for monetary and fiscal policy. Those will be the first significant steps of technology eating the traditional finance world. According to Pal, all macro signals are indicating a major shift in how the system is run. Examples of pivotal events in the coming shift to a digital asset world include the allowance of banking custody for crypto assets by regulators, major corporate treasuries investing in Bitcoin, and new types of banks (like Kraken).

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    The Bitcoin Life Raft: The End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We Know It (w/ Raoul Pal) by Real Vision

    Raoul Pal: It’s the Perfect Storm for Bitcoin by Only the SAVVY

    The Rise of Bitcoin and Why the Elite Have the Most to Lose | Stacy Herbert by Stansberry Research

    Bitcoin Documentary | Cryptocurrencies | Crypto Money | Blockchain Based Digital Currencies by Plot11


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